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The Simple Formula to (Quickly) Become a Top Producer


Frustrated that you don’t know why you’re struggling to land more clients?  The answer is simple.  Your own inner beliefs are undermining your efforts.

This internal set of beliefs is what I call “Inner Game”.  Get this taken care of and unleash the torrent of business you’ve been missing.

Discover the simple 3 STEP FORMULA that ANY INSURANCE AGENT can use to create a Rock Star Inner Game and watch your prospects start signing on the dotted line.


Whether or not your prospects buy from you is based 100% on a hard-wired set of social rules.

I will show you how to literally program how your prospects react to you and make them perceive you as the #1 High Value Brand in your area that they are itching to work with.

It’s not a pipe dream.  It’s called Social Dynamics.  And I’ll take you by the hand and show you how to become a Social Dynamics Ninja.


The world’s most in-demand brands (Apple, Tesla, Rolex, The NFL, etc.) use confidential methods to tip the playing field to their advantage and eliminate their competition.  But how do they do it?

They use strategies that have been reserved for these luxury brands.  But I’ve cracked open this black box and revealed these methods so EVEN THE NEWEST INSURANCE AGENT can use these methods to quickly become a Top Producer.

It’s the Holy Grail of Insurance Sales.  Finally it’s available to you.

I’ll show you how to unleash these strategies to build a business where you can design your ideal clientele and enjoy the lifestyle it provides.

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Get To Know Me

My name is Matt and I specialize in doing one thing.  I help Insurance Agents like you finally earn the income YOU WERE PROMISED without the frustration of cold calling and attending endless networking events – just to get by.

But what I teach is anything from the boring and worthless sales training you’ve been spoonfed.  Instead, I teach concepts that I learned from an underground Pickup Artist Society that taught us how to get the girl to pursue us.  I successfully applied these into my sales career and shortly tripled my income.

I have successfully proven its success by implementing it into various companies ranging from emerging startups to the Fortune 500 level.  I’ve also been featured on major TV networks, radio, podcasts, major newspapers and magazines, as well as prominent business groups.

When not roaming the globe, you’ll find me in my beautiful and very laid back hometown of San Diego trying to find the next great IPA or playing with my 2 dogs.




The Negotiator’s Playbook is a revolutionary new method that is dedicated to help overworked and underpaid Insurance Agents get out of the rut of having to sell at networking events and cold calling .  I unlock the secret to help you finally earn the 6 Figure Income YOU WERE PROMISED and give you the freedom and confidence you’ve been looking for.

There is a better way.  It’s The Negotiator’s Playbook.

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