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The Simple Formula to (Quickly) Naturally Close More Sales


Are you frustrated that you don’t understand what’s keeping you from landing more clients?  The answer is simple.  Your own core inner beliefs are undermining your efforts.

This internal set of beliefs is what I call “Inner Game”.  Once you get this squared away, you’ll have a new ploblem — how to manage more clients than you can handle.

Discover the simple 3 STEP FORMULA that anyone can use to create a Rock Star Inner Game and watch people start signing on the dotted line.


Whether or not people buy from you is based solely on a hard-wired set of social rules.

You’ll discover the formula to program your prospects react to you and ensure they perceive you as the #1 High Value Brand in your area that they are itching to work with.

It’s not a pipe dream.  It’s called Social Dynamics.  And I’ll take you by the hand and show you the simple method that anyone can use to become a Social Dynamics Ninja.


The world’s most in-demand brands (Apple, Tesla, Rolex, The NFL, etc.) all use the same simple formula to tip the playing field to their advantage and eliminate their competition.  But how do they do it?

They all use the same strategies that have been reserved for these luxury brands.  But you don’t have to be a name brand to enjoy the same kind of success.  I’m going to show you how even the newest salesperson (with little to no experience) can implement this same formula and naturally attract more clients than you can handle.

It’s the Holy Grail of Sales.

Meet Some Success Stories (with more to come as we can add them)

Get To Know Me

My name is Matt and I have to tell you I was never good in sales.  In fact, in my first sales job, I never even made one sale.  (I did last 3 months though…)  But years later, I accidentally discovered the secret to make closing sales much easier.  How?  (Not by doing anything my sales trainer ever told me, that’s for sure.)  I don’t teach people how to sell.  Instead, I teach people what makes people naturally need to buy from you.

The reason closing sales is hard is because your prospect has been trained to see your pitch coming a mile away and thinks you have ulterior motives.  (They’re kind of right…)

What you’ll learn from me is anything from the boring and worthless sales training you’ve been spoonfed.  Instead, you’ll discover what I did about 10 years ago — the “hidden in plain sight” formula to demonstrate to people  that you’re the rockstar (even if you don’t think you are) that they have to be associated with.  One day, I decided to try to apply it to my sales job and not long after tripled my income.  (Even though I initially didn’t think it’d work.)

Little did I know that it would proven to work in various companies — ranging from emerging startups to Fortune 500 companies.  It would also be featured on major TV networks, radio, podcasts, major newspapers and magazines.

When not traveling, you’ll find me in my beautiful and very laid back hometown of San Diego trying to find the next great IPA or spending time with my family and playing with my 2 dogs (not the cat though).






The Sales Cheat Code is a revolutionary new method that actually makes sales easier.  You’ll discover how to stop “selling” and what makes people naturally want to buy you.  But it’s not about more sales.  It’s about giving you more confidence and more freedom in your life — freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

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