Over the last few lessons in the series on How to Become An All-Star Earner, we’ve covered some crucial foundations to transform your results from barely getting by — going from one networking event to another and cold calling — to being able to attract an endless stream of highly profitable and low maintenance clients.

In the previous lesson, we discussed how you have to make the decision how much you really want to be successful. You have to train like a champion. This is the subtle difference that separates people who seem to have tons of potential and people who come out of nowhere to be great. It comes down to the question of how much you want it. If you want to earn the 6 Figure Income you were promised, there is no shortcut. The door to financial prosperity is made of hard work.

This brings us to our next step in the process. This is a lesson that I DID NOT learn in the Pickup Artist Society. This lesson, believe it or not, I learned same year — in the classroom and on the baseball field. It was a heavy dose of humble pie. But it changed the way that I looked at things — FOREVER.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you exactly what I learned and how it immediately gave me a massive advantage in my life — in sales and in my personal life.

Without having to eat the humble pie.

You’re one step closer to greatness!

To your freedom,



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