Hey guys, it’s Matt again.

I just spent the last couple weeks taking some time off to enjoy some well deserved time with family and friends.  OK, truth be told…anytime you can have a convenient excuse to involve grilling, cookies, and champagne, I’m down.

So here we are.  The time of year where everyone makes “resolutions”.  You know, they’re the annual tradition where we try to convince ourselves that our life will be different and better than ever in the year to come.

Case in point.  “January Gym Joiners”.

These are the people that join their local gym in January hoping that their willpower alone will help rid themselves of the self-loathing after the holidays.  Go into any gym this week and you’ll see the gym packed with lines at all the machines.

But there is a huge problem.

Making resolutions never works.  You and I both know it.  The proof of this is the month of February.  Go into the same gym a month from now and it will have cleared out.

But the reason resolutions don’t work may surprise you.

The reason they fail is that there is no plan.  Just hope.  And as one of my mentors told me years ago.  Hope is not a strategy.  Hope relies on surrendering you ability to change things to something outside of yourself.

What you need to do is something I uncovered about 18 years ago.

You have to “design your life”.

Designing your life is a purposeful endeavor where you strategically plan out what you want your life to become…way before it happens.

For me, it started with a simple question.  I asked myself, “When I am 80 years old and in a rocking chair on a porch somewhere, if I could go back to 1996 and do anything differently, what would I do?”  (I don’t know where the rocking chair visual came from)

At that moment, I realized a few groundbreaking insights.

1.  Life is short.  The opportunities we have today won’t last.  They have to be seized.  If you got hit by a bus today, do you really want to spend the last day of your life doing what you really don’t want to do?  I didn’t.

2.  You can do anything you want.  You just have to purposefully develop a plan to put them in motion.  For me, I was living in Cincinnati at the time.  While I did like living there, I was over the winters.  I wanted to live where it was warm all year.  Not long after, I loaded up my car and drove 2.250 miles to San Diego.

3.  Your life is yours and yours alone.  You don’t have to follow the path that others have followed.  If how you’re living is not truly the perfect way for you to live your life, you are wasting an amazing gift you’ve been given.  Most of my family was in Ohio.  It was convenient to see them where I lived — but I knew my destiny was elsewhere — in a place I had never even visited.

By designing my life, I’ve brought about some amazing things in my life notably:

1.  I moved to my dream hometown of San Diego.

2.  I bought a convertible.  (A somewhat must have in San Diego)

3.  I am able to play baseball year round.

4.  I got out of debt in 2 years.

5.  I started traveling internationally every year.

6.  I started The Negotiator’s Playbook so I could do what I really love while giving my best time to my     family instead of a corporation.

It’s incredibly empowering to realize that you can have anything you want in your life.  You just have to make the critical first step to making it happen.



So here we are at the bow of the ship staring out into the open ocean that is 2015.  And again, I ask myself the same question.  What would I do differently?

A lot.

I have some huge plans for this year.  No resolutions.  Plans.

I am going to be revamping our member area, giving our members even richer content.  There will be more interviews with the Pickup Gurus that taught me everything I know.

I also will be conducting weekly free webinars where you can learn (for free) how to apply the methods we use in the Pickup Community to enable you do dominate your sales without having to work all that hard.

I also have a few ideas for new training series that will change your life.

I am also going to be visiting some old friends in Cincinnati that I haven’t seen in 16 years.

So today you have a choice.  You can make your New Year’s Resolution just like you have done every year as far back as you can remember — and still live under the delusion that things might change…by willpower alone.

Or you can do what I did over 18 years ago.  You can “design your life”.  You can purposefully plan out in reverse how your want your life to unfurl.

Ask yourself that question and start the process of finally creating the life you’ve only dreamed of.

Once you do, lock in that decision by subscribing to my free newsletter.  You’ll get all kinds of cool inside information that will take your decision to the next level.

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P.S.  I want to hear from you!  How are you going to design your life?

          Send me an email and tell me about it.  Or post it to the TNP Facebook page or even

        tweet it to me on Twitter.  There are tons of people out their waiting to be inspired by you.

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