Tired of not getting the results you want at Networking Events?  I’ll show you an easy way to be memorable and be someone they want to buy from.


Yesterday I decided to drop by my friend’s networking group because I knew the speaker was going to be talking about “Effective Networking”.


Sounds like it would be a fun topic to learn.  Nope.


I spent most of the time just shaking my head.


The guy presenting (who had the vocal cadence of Ben Stein) told us the following.  We needed to bring a paper checklist with us to check off items to complete at the networking event.  We should never talk to people we know.  We should share as much trivia as we can with people there.  Worst of all, we should have a 3 Minute Elevator Speech.  3 Minutes.  I’m not kidding.


He even wanted people to pay him for this type of consulting.  No joke.


It was then that I realized that most of the people there were going to be worse off than if they never showed up to hear this guy.


But it was then that I realized that I need to do something.  I figure that most of you (like me) have been given some pretty useless advice on networking.  And as a result, we may like the venue of the networking event, but we get nervous when we feel we have to be pushing our business on total strangers.


So I decided to share (for free) with you what I learned in the underground Pickup Artist Society that has led to proven results and how you too can transform your networking results.


In this lesson, I’m going to show you why what you’ve been taught about “effective” networking is setting you up for failure — and at best makes you spend far too much time, effort, and money for the minimal results you get.


The payoff is simple.  Spend less time networking and make a lot more money.


To your freedom,


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