Do you ever wonder why no matter what sport or game is played…the same people win OVER AND OVER AGAIN?  Whether it’s the Heat, the Red Sox, the Steelers, or the Patriots, they always find a way to end up on top.  They learned the secret to building a Dynasty.

Why is that?

Is is luck? Not quite. Luck is random. If it were luck, this would never happen over and over.

Is it talent? Yes and no. Talent is the starting point…so you can get further with talent, but eventually talent will fade. Besides, there are countless examples of teams with talent who never win anything. It’s the ultimate backhanded compliment to be told you the most talented. It must be something more.

What is it then?

The answer is hiding right underneath our nose

The problem is the playing field. Everyone says they want a level playing field…but the stars don’t. They want a playing field that is PERMANENTLY in their favor…and they get it. Meanwhile, everyone else is preoccupied with leveling it out.

Getting everything for FREE!

Imagine a life where you knew that everyone in your life was CLAMORING to be around you. Hollywood stars, elite athletes, and celebrities live this life. Everyone wants them to be a part of their life. The result? They never pay for anything. How ironic is it that the richest people in the world get everything for free? It doesn’t seem right, but it’s a fact.

You can live this life as well.  Yeah, I said that.  You can live a life where everything you want is MAGNETICALLY attracted to you.  But it begins with your mind.  You can only live this life if you truly believe it’s your life and that you deserve it.

If you’re not living this life but want to get started, you can do it for FREE.  All you have to do is take the Red Pill.

So do it now!  Join the thousands of people who are tipping their playing field PERMANENTLY.

I want the “Red Pill”.  Take me down the Rabbit Hole.

No, I’d rather take the “Blue Pill”.


To your prosperity,               

Matt Hallisy

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    • MIke Dergance  May 28, 2014 at 2:02 pm

      Hi Matt,

      Looks like you don’t recognize a winning team when you see one. Only the STEELERS have six Super Bowls. My kind of sales team. Pure talent and no fluff (or cheerleaders).

      • Matt Hallisy  May 28, 2014 at 2:09 pm

        Haha! Great point Mike. I grew up in Ohio and fully understand the whipping the Stillers put on us.

        HT to you. I updated the blog. Keep it coming my friend.


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