The-Love-Chase-1He who cares the least holds the power.

Take a minute to really digest how powerful this concept is.

Those that go out of their way to try to actively (and artificially) develop rapport know exactly how much it doesn’t work. Why? Because in the subterranean tug of war for power, the one seeking rapport effectively surrenders.

There is a powerfully simple yet counterintuitive concept here. Once you go against the grain and make people work for your rapport, you will hold all the cards. You will then dictate when, who, and how people work with you. Your value will skyrocket in your customers’ eyes.

It sure beats surrendering your power and dignity just to make a quick buck.

So if you’re wondering why you haven’t hit that magical inflection point in your business where it begins to thrive virtually on autopilot, you’re one simple (yet counterintuitive) decision away from experiencing a new level of abundance.

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