Hey guys, it’s Matt again.

I want to share something personal with you guys.

When I first started The Negotiator’s Playbook, I had this crazy idea.  I wanted to teach people something that I knew would massively change their life.  And their bank account.

I had cracked the code.  I had discovered something pretty much by accident that I wanted to teach people.  And I knew it would change their life.

Prospects and single women were conditioned to behave the EXACT SAME WAY.  Detail for detail.  Point for point.

I didn’t really connect the dots until one days what this realization finally hit me.  I first wasn’t sure it would work but everything compass was pointing north so I had to try.

I knew this system worked for me because I spent months keeping it as my own little trade secret while all the while mopping it up — and having my manager wondering how I could be getting these kinds of results with almost no effort.

Then the higher ups asked me to manage a group of new salespeople.  Why they asked the guy barely making any phone calls I’m not sure.

At the time, I was convinced these newbies wouldn’t understand the system I was using so I really didn’t even bother to try.  After all, they didn’t get to learn it from an underground Pickup Artist society.

Then one day I thought, “What the hell.”  I decided to dip their feet in the pool.

I was shocked.

Within a few months, this group of newbies were KILLING IT.  And not really working hard either.  I was training lazy superstars.

So fast forward a few years.  A couple people close to me kept urging me to teach people this system.  Back then, I was really resistant because the last thing I wanted to do was to make people sit in a classroom and go through “sales training”.


Plus, I thought it would be strange for people to hear that the secret to open the black box of easy lay down sales was learned through picking up girls.  Especially if my target audience was professional salespeople.  Not exactly the PC approach in corporate America.

But I had it all wrong.

I soon realized that I had to own my truth.

So I just said, “Screw it.”

This is the truth and I’m going to share this secret with people exactly how I learned it.  Not the PG version either.

And the response blew me away.  I was really humbled.

So instead of just letting you all wade in the shallow end of the pool and dipping your feet in the pool, I’m going to take you into the deep end.

I’m going to introduce you deeper into the world of Pickup.  And I’m going to show you point for point how this world translates perfectly into getting you easy, lay down sales.

Not only am I going to show you the methods that we used to do this, I am going to share with you the vernacular that we used that lines up seamlessly with sales.

And no teaching of mine would be complete without actual stories from this underground Pickup society and how it has proven to be successful in sales.

So get ready.  Take a deep breath because we’re going to dive into the deep end.


To easy sales,


Matt Hallisy








P.S.  If you you want to be let in on this “trade secret”, make sure to subscribe below.  I’m OK with that…now.  🙂  


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