Hi, it’s Matt with a quick question for you.

Have you ever wondered why some people in your company just have DOMINATING numbers…and don’t really work that hard?

I have to tell you…this really pissed me off for the longest time.  I would be pounding the phones, handing out business cards to anyone and everyone, and annoying everyone in my path just short of an Amway Rep.

And all the while getting paid way less.  When you get paid like that, you find yourself getting really excited to find an oil change coupon in the mail.  Or worse…a coupon for a restaurant.  The minute you show this to your server, she can see the crappy tip she’s going to get…and you won’t see her for a while.


So how do you get crazy results while working what seems likepart-time?

Display Higher Value

What is this?  Well, put bluntly, your customers subconsciously put a price tag on you.  Or more specifically, what they will be willing to spend on you based on the value you project.

Your perceived value has EVERYTHING to do with whether or not your customer initially wants to buy from you.  To illustrate this, let’s compare 2 stores that contrast with each other.

Walmart or Apple?

Walmart is built on a simple premise.  If they can drive down the cost to put the product not the shelf, they can sell any product cheaper than any other store.  They appeal to people who pinch pennies.  People buy things at Walmart because it’s cheaper there.  The pathetic thing is that most of what people buy there is really LOW QUALITY.  So Walmart has to work way harder to sell a stupid $4 tube of toothpaste…with ZERO COMPANY LOYALTY.

On the other hand, Apple works from a completely different perspective.  They have an amazing brand image.  Everything they make is cool.  They look cool and they have a tremendous cachet.  Whenever they have a new product, people sleep on the sidewalk to have a shot at getting one on Day 1.  And even more, they forbid their distributors from discounting any of their products.  Their price is really high but people are more than willing to pay it…and their customers are hugely loyal.

So which one do you want to be?  Do you want to work harder and longer just to have to drop your price to make ONE SALE?  Or do you want to DISPLAY HIGHER VALUE and get your customers to line up to buy from you OVER AND OVER?

So how do you do this?

Check out my free report to find out how to start developing and Displaying Higher Value and finally start attracting high quality and loyal customers FOREVER.

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To your prosperity,                

Matt Hallisy

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