How my office being turned into a storage unit can help change your life.


I’m really annoyed.

This past week we made the decision to put new flooring throughout most of our house because we wanted to have something much nicer. Sounds great, right? Not really.

For some reason, I thought they would just slide the furniture out of the way, put down the new flooring, and put it back. It thought it wouldn’t require much prep.

I was dead wrong.

As I just found out (and I should have seen it coming), all the stuff that was on top of the old flooring just got thrown in my office.

All of it.

Yeah that’s right. My office is now just a glorified storage unit.



But it made me realize something that hadn’t thought about in a while. So of course I had to share it with you.

You see, most people think making a change in our lives will never require much from us. And that can be true. (I thought it would be with this flooring thing) After all, some of the more important changes we make, like getting a new car or cell phone, are ones that don’t require much from us.

But the BIG CHANGES? The ones you really want? The ones that dramatically transform your destiny? They require you to make do something different.

To get there, you just have to make the decision to change the path you’ve been walking on. You have to get your office turned into a storage unit. (I’m still not very happy about it…)

Everyone who is living his dream life and has manufactured his destiny has done this. Every single one. This is their secret. It’s not luck. It’s not their background. And it’s not even how hard they work.

Look at professional athletes. They weren’t lucky. They trained night and day, sacrificing “the normal life” to give themselves a chance to make millions. Star actors move across the country and wait tables just for the chance at the big role. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates quit Harvard of all places because they had a vision for what they wanted their lives to look like.

They had the guts to deviate from the path that leads to mediocrity.

But to get the same results as you’ve always got? It’s really simple. You just have to do more of the same thing. You just have to do nothing. Delete this email and go on with your life as if you never read it. You’ll be guaranteed to have the same mediocrity as the mass of humanity around you. Not only mediocrity, but settling in life and being forced to live your life according to other people’s wishes for you. It’s just a legalized form of slavery.

I used to do that all the time.

But now, you have an opportunity that virtually no one in your industry does. An opportunity to get an unfair advantage on your unsuspecting competition. You can learn to put your sales process on autopilot. It’s the Holy Grail of Sales – something you know you’ve privately dreamed about but didn’t think you could actually get.

To get there, you don’t need expensive degrees, certifications, or even have to attend conferences that do nothing more than enrich other people.

So what do you do?

You just have to do what I had to do this past week (minus the whole “my office is a storage unit” thing). You have to make the decision to change what you’ve become accustomed to that has led you to the mediocrity that you and I have both experienced.

The really cool thing? You get to replace your old destiny with one that you get to design.

Even cooler? It’s ridiculously easy. It starts with learning from a Celebrity Marketing Insider that has offered to reveal the secrets he uses to help people like you and me become the Recognized Authority in our industry. Even though we may not have the LinkedIn profile to justify it.

So join the exponentially growing number of people getting access to these insider methods before your competition does.

It’s super easy.



To your freedom,



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