The Green Monster.

It gets the best of us. But it has an especially potent knack of getting those of us who are just not successful. Really that’s the main difference between the political right and left. The right wants to be able to earn as much wealth as they can and keep as much of it as they can. The left wants to distribute the wealth the money from the earners and producers and use it for their own ends. Occasionally, you’ll hear some class warfare comments on how the rich are greedy and things should be fair. (At least I do from my brother Dan)

Where does this come from?

Pure jealousy. The Green Monster.

It’s worse than beer goggles.  It completely keeps you from focusing on the things that can magnetically attract abundance to you…and instead makes you focus on all the reasons why those who have abundance are cold and uncaring.

I used to be like that. No more.

So how do you go about MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTING abundance to you? It’s actually simple.

Increase your value — by increasing your experience and knowledge.

A mentor of mine, Mike Dillard, once told me that your earnings are a pure reflection of your value. A guy making 6 figures makes that money because his value is in the 6 figures. So if you’re not making the kind of money you want, it’s because you’re low value.

Yeah, I said it. But it’s true.

So start right now.

Expand your experience and knowledge by taking a risk you wouldn’t normally take.

Put yourself out there.

Invest in yourself.

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