Hey guys,

So I was in an online sales forum today and I ran into this great quote that I had to share with you.

Someone posted a simple question:

“Are objection handling skills the key to sales success?”

(Before I tell you the response, keep in mind the person’s avatar was “dreamer”. A little ironic.)

The first guy to respond made me proud. What did he say?

“Objections are the way the prospect tells you that you screwed up. Who in the hell objects to buying something they want?”

I think he must have been one of my students.

But wait — aren’t we told that objections are a normal part of the sales process?

They’re about as normal as attributing exceptional results to luck. It’s purely a myth promulgated on suckers to make them feel better about being left out of the utter mop job that the elite players are doing.

Point blank, sales objections aren’t necessary at all. I mean, if I was on a street corner handling out bundles of $50 bills, who would have the guts to object? You wouldn’t. You’d grab as much of it as you could and get out before the guy handing it out changes his mind.

Sales is no different.

Let that sentence sink in more.

Sales is no different.

So how do you get there? Even with prospects who are adamantly closed to the idea of buying from you?

It’s actually really simple. It’s a simple method I used when I was single and getting the most standoffish girl to pursue me. You know — the girl that tells every guy to f&$k off? Yeah, her.

And the even crazier thing? It works just as well on your closed minded prospects.

So what is it???

Stay tuned and I’ll share more about how you can learn to add this secret weapon to your arsenal.


To your prosperity,

Matt Hallisy

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