Hey guys,

I have something really funny for you.

A couple days ago, I told you about how, like a lot of you, I got bamboozled when I got into sales. But my introduction to the world of Pickup (getting hot girls to pursue you) changed everything — and led to the discovery of the formula to get easy, lay down sales: “The Sales Seduction Sequence.”

The first step was “Rip The Badge” – how to build insane value with your new prospects and have them view you as their “Expert”.

Buckle up, because it’s going to get CRAZY! Welcome to the last steps of the Sales Seduction Sequence. You”ll never be the same.

2.  Create a Problem

This is where it gets fun.

We now have our “target” like putty in our hands.  Their autopilot is off and they don’t know how to react.  Now they’re looking for some cue on how to proceed.  But we aren’t going to be that predictable, are we?  What fun is that???

Now we really have to ratchet up our DHV level a few notches.

You have to create the problem.

In the Pickup Community, one of the easiest ways to do this is by getting the girl’s autopilot answer to work to escalate our perceived value.

Case in point, when a guy would approach her, girls use “shit tests” to see if the guy is worth talking to.  The most common (and unoriginal after a while) was, “I have a boyfriend”.  What I’ve found is that the vast majority of these girls either don’t have a boyfriend or are not satisfied by them.

There was one girl (call her “Lisa”) I was interested in thorough my social circles.  So in talking to her the first time, she gave me the predictable “I have a boyfriend” line right off the bat.  So I asked about him and I wasn’t really impressed.  I told her, “You need to upgrade.”  And I walked away.

Fast forward about a week and I’m at a going away party…and who sidles up next to me, but Lisa.  Without me saying a word she enthusiastically says, “Guess what?  I broke up with him.  I needed an upgrade.”

So let’s break this down.

Lisa did have a boyfriend but deep down, she wasn’t happy with him.  She was open to an upgrade.  But it took someone with unshakable confidence and social value to notice (and openly state) her problem.  There was no wishy-washy-ness.  No uncertainty.  I could see her problem and I wasn’t afraid to say it.

In sales, it’s EXACTLY THE SAME.  It’s no different.

Let’s use an example of my friend (call him “Sean”) in the telemarketing world.  In effect, he sells online college education.  This is the industry that can’t wait for you to request information — and then hammer you with incessant phone calls.

But Sean is different.  He addresses this head on.  Before he really introduces himself, he asks the prospect how many calls they’ve gotten from telemarketers.  Before long, Sean and his prospect are commiserating about how pathetic these telemarketers are.  And how he’s different because he’s calling just to get his boss off his back because he doesn’t have to do this.  Sean’s already got a line out the door to work with him.

Curiosity gets spiked.  The next thing he knows his prospect is pretty much pleading with him to know about his school and why it’s so in demand.  Instead of answering the question, Sean does something completely different.

Sean disqualifies her.  He tells her all the reasons he assumes that she wouldn’t be able to enroll with her.

The effect?  His value goes through the roof and now she is doing everything she can to show him that she is worthy of working with her.

All while his competitors are hammering the phones, desperately trying to get someone on the line.

Sean created a problem that she couldn’t even imagine existed.  Attraction got spiked.  But the beauty of the Sales Seduction Sequence is still ahead.

3.  Solve the Problem

Now that we have disrupted the prospect’s autopilot response and have created a problem that needs to be solved, we set up the prospect perfectly and created an obsessive need to buy from us.

The prospect no longer feels secure in the knowledge that they are the expert.  Gone is the thought that the salesperson is a bothersome pest that needs to be brushed aside.

Now they know something is wrong.  No one likes having something unresolved in their mind.  It’s like they have this massive itch that they can’t reach.  They NEED someone to help them.  And fortunately, you are the perfect person to help them.

Now it’s time to solve the problem.  And what you provide will be the perfect solution — but not for the reason most people think.

           MYTH:  Benefits sell.

If this were true, sales would be easy.  You could just go around spouting off benefits to all your prospects and they would buy.  We all know this doesn’t happen.  This is a huge lie.

What sells is you.  Specifically, your unique ability to scratch that itch your prospect can’t reach.  In this instance, it’s your newfound expert positioning and massive trust that you have built.

The even cooler part?  No one else can now compete with you.  Not only are you the perfect solution to their problem — you are the only one who has DEMONSTRATED that they understand the problem that they wouldn’t even bring out into the open.  it’s like you’re this psychic who can read their mind.

In the Pickup world, we solved the problem by introducing the girl to our world.  The world where we are the center of attention, where we are socially validated by people she values.

This is where we introduce the concept of Social Proof.

Social Proof makes people subconsciously act — but without doing the mental math.  When people are unsure how to act or proceed, they will always see what the group as a whole endorses.  You do this everyday — either at work, going out, etc.  In the Pickup Community, we create Social Proof by getting a shout out from a bartender, a celebrity, or even better yet — other hot women.  These people love us — and she wants to be around that.  The girl immediately knows that we are high value — and attraction keeps getting built.

But the setting in sales is different.  But the awesome news is that you can easily replicate it.  How?

With story telling.  Stories are powerful.  They introduce people to a world populated by all the people who are important to them. I like to call it “Virtual Social Proof”.  By telling any effective story, you can also tap into the mental and emotion part of the brain that is massively influential.  You can also tap into the fears, insecurities, hopes, and dreams of your prospect.

You stir up feelings.  This is what really make people move.  It’s a hell of a lot better than benefits.

But there is one more ingredient to add that will make this even more explosive.  I call it “The Reason Why”.

You see, we’ve tapped into subconscious side of the prospect’s brain, but we want to ratchet it down by confirming it with the rational side of their brain.

When you tap into the subconscious part of their brain and create that feeling, you also want to tell them why it’s important.  When they connect that powerful feeling to a rational understanding of why it makes sense, you literally lock in your prospect.  The whole thing makes absolute sense to them.  Now they can’t be convinced otherwise.

But I told you the beauty lies ahead.  Our last step in the Sales Seduction Sequence is going to stir up a rabid need to buy from you.  NOW.

4.  Push/Pull

Now that the prospect has taken off the Expert Badge and given it to us, we’ve created a problem they didn’t know they had, and we’ve solved the problem, now it’s time to drive your prospect crazy.

It’s time to Push/Pull.

This is where you put your DHV into full throttle and have your prospect in a state where they will now feel the need to ask you for the sale.

A friend of mine in the Pickup Community taught me about the Friend Frame.  You see, hot girls always view themselves in the position of deciding whether or not they are attracted to you.  If they don’t feel that chemistry, you get categorized as a “Friend”.  It’s a one way trip.  Once you’re a friend, there’s no going back.

What we would do though is beat her to the punch.  When we meet a girl we’re interested in, we would overtly flirt with her, touch her suggestively (we call it “Kino”), and make strong eye contact.  There was no question what was going on.  She would then start to feel attraction towards us.  But then we took a sharp 180 turn.

We would tell her what a great “friend” she would make.  Then we would go back to the flirting.  And then back to the Friend Frame.  Before long, she wouldn’t have any clue what was going on.

Soon enough, I would hear something along the lines of, “Sure, I bet we’re going to be JUST FRIENDS.”  It was on.

Push. Pull.

On one side, everything we’re doing says we are interested in her — but everything we’re overtly saying was that we didn’t see her sexually.

The purpose of this was to escalate the sexual tension, not relieve it.

You can tap into this exact thing in your sales.

Just like the hot girl, your prospect is waiting for any excuse to put you in the “No Zone” – the place where they will never buy anything from you.  There’s no going back.  And the sad part, most salespeople react to the “No Zone” by trying harder.  It’s actually an instinctual response.

A lot of the things that cause me to put someone there:

Autodialer pauses

Asking, “Is Matt there?”

(Worse) Calling me Matthew — it’s my junk mail name

Being way too polite

Your prospects are no different.

When you use Push/Pull, you can immediately take ownership of the “No Zone” and make your prospect try harder to impress you.

So how do you do it?

You go back to a concept I covered earlier.  You disqualify them.

People always want what they can’t have.  The more they can’t have something, the more they try to get it.

So you tell them the reasons why they might be a great customer of yours — but also the reasons why they probably don’t qualify.  And you have to be specific here.  The “reason why” is important.

What you’re really trying to communicate is how you really wish you could work with them — but the problem that the prospect has on their end is keeping you from being able to help them.  You mix this with a explosively high DHV and you’re prospect is going to be laser focused on showing you why you’re wrong.

And when they do, you come up with another obstacle — until you’re ready to allow them to close you.  One of my students has prospects literally interrupting his story and telling him, “Look, I get it.  What do I need to do to buy?”  His response?  “We’re on our first date.  I just met you.  I’m not taking you to meet my parents.” (with just a little but of tongue in cheek)

When you do this, you are now firmly in control of the sales process.  You can decide when and under which conditions the sale will take place.  Your prospect will be so thankful that you let them buy from you, they know they owe you.  And there’s where a huge referral stream begins.

And the Sales Seduction Sequence begins again.

It’s almost unfair.  To your competitors who don’t know how you are doing it.

If you want to get even more in-depth information on how to apply this to your sales results, click below.  It’s free…but don’t do it unless you are serious about changing the results you are getting.  It’s powerful stuff…and not to be used for by The Dark Side of the Force.

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To easy sales,

Matt Hallisy

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