Hey there,

It’s Matt again.  I used to be like a lot of you all.

When I first got into sales, I was really looking forward to the competition, the rush, and yeah…the money that I could make.

But like you, I got bamboozled along the way.  I made the mistake of following all the garbage I was taught by my trainers.  In other words, work harder and more hours than anyone else, keep subjecting yourself to constant rejection, and rehearsing all the things you are going to say to your boss when you have a bad week (or 3 or 4…)

Then I got introduced to the world of Pickup.  Where getting the hottest girls to compete for your affection is the norm.

But I know what some of you are thinking…  So what does that have to do with sales???

If you want an easy way to create MASSIVE ATTRACTION from a cold introduction…and get easy “lay down” sales…EVERYTHING.

You see, unlike what most people think, these Pickup Artists didn’t hit on any girls.  We didn’t have to.  The girls were already competing for our affections.  And I quickly found out that when I applied the same methods to my sales job  that I did with girls, my results EXPLODED.  Unlike everyone else in my department, I wasn’t cold calling or prospecting.  I usually made about 10 calls a day.  After all, why would you do all that when you had people pleading to buy from you everyday?

So how do you get there?  It’s actually really easy — and I’m going to show you how.

It’s a process that I call the “Sales Seduction Sequence”.  And it’s an amazingly powerful formula that you can use in your business, with your friends, and (insanely well) with the opposite sex.

Before we go any further, you need to be aware of one fact.  Hot girls and your prospects behave the exact same way.  Point for point.  Detail for detail.  What do I mean?

  • They’re under a constant barrage of people “hitting on them”
  • They take about 5 seconds to write you off
  • They both are constantly rejecting needy people
  • They see you coming a mile away
  • They know you’re only out for one thing
  • They think that all of the guys are same
  • Almost all of the people trying to woo them are boringly predictable
  • They have a proven arsenal of effective rejection techniques ready to go
  • They start at a “No” with you
  • They assume that most of the people approaching them are desperate losers
  • They assume that what they’re giving is WAY MORE than they’re getting
  • They want to find someone of high value who will validate their ego
  • They expect to have to endure a slew of the guy qualifying himself
  • They love being in a position of social power where they get to call the shots

So the first thing you need to do in interrupt this pre-programmed circuitry.  In effect, you have to disable the “autopilot” or you will suffer the same fate as all your pushy, needy competitors.

When a hot girl sees a guy coming up to them, she is just waiting for him to fail one of her tests…and then she will “blow him out”.  It’s really ugly.  You and I have both seen this.  In the sales sphere, this is when you get hung up on, told not to call back, or are told that your prospect is in a meeting.

Game over.

So how do you overcome this?

The “Sales Seduction Sequence”. It’s a few easy steps that will forever change the way you go about talking to your prospects.

1.  Rip the Badge

The hot girl knows every guy out there wants her.  She knows she’s hot and is better than most if not all the men out there.  She’s under a constant barrage of guys hitting on her.

Your prospects think of themselves the same way.  In their mind, they are the expert in what they buy.  Maybe they are, maybe they’re not.  Actually, it doesn’t matter if they are.  The only thing that matters is they have an “expert badge” on their chest that they take pride in.  They have the same view of the world as the hot girl.  As long as they wear that badge, they’re ready to reject you.

To break out of this pattern, you have to spike what we call our “DHV”.  A DHV is a “Display of Higher Value”.  In essence, it’s what makes your target view you completely differently from the masses and also makes you totally irresistible.

To spike your DHV, you have to break this pattern before it even starts.  The great part about this is that you can do this in a number of simple ways.

In the Pickup community, you could easily spike your DHV with almost no effort by:

Walk in with 2 hot girls  (This shows your target that it’s normal for you to spend time with hot girls.  Loser guys never do this.)

Get welcomed by the bartender  (AKA “the loser guy filter”)

Peacock  (wear something fun and crazy that most insecure guys would never dream of.  We’ll touch on this soon.)

But the best way to spike your DHV is something that translates seamlessly to sales.

Disqualify your customer.

That’s not a typo.  We were all trained to “qualify” our customer.  Why?  Because it meets our time management need to spend most of our time with potential customers.  The HUGE problem it breeds is that it tattoos you with the label of “salesperson” and it makes your prospect immediately put up a wall (AKA “Judo Stance”)

When you disqualify your customer, it immediately turns off their Salesperson Defense autopilot.  It tells them that you are no longer a threat.  But now they have no idea how to react.  They assume on some level that you are in sales, but you’re acting the exact opposite.  They get curious, intrigued, and (better yet) massively attracted to you.

Now that their autopilot is off, they have no idea how to react.  It’s like learning to walk again after a serious accident.  Your prospect is now putty in your hands, waiting to be shaped however you want.


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To Easy Sales,

Matt Hallisy


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