The Revolutionary Secret That Allowed an Ordinary Salesperson To Go From Mediocrity To Dominance In A Few Months!


How would you like to permanently have the upper hand with your prospects? And kiss goodbye to rejection and “overcoming objections” forever?

Aren’t you tired of this? I know I was. When I started in sales, I sucked. Bad. In fact, in my first job, I never made a single sale. I’m serious. I sucked.

Well, this can finally be a thing of the past…but it will never happen with the TRITE, OBSOLETE, and, quite frankly, INEFFECTIVE ways you and I’ve been taught in the past to sell.

Instead, you can learn a revolutionary (and MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE) way to dictate the terms of your sales encounters….and get the results you’ve always dreamed of.  Instead of surrendering your power to your customers by “asking” for the sale, trying to overcome objections, and worst of all, trying to make the sale based on price, you can now begin to dictate the terms in which people work with you.

Quit pandering to your prospects, hoping and praying that you can sweet talk them into doing business with you.  They know what you’re doing. It doesn’t work.  It never will.  It’s sad, pathetic, and it’s making them lose respect for you.

I used to do this too until I learned the powerful and innovative concepts I am going to teach you.

When you join The Negotiator’s Playbook, you will have access to 24/7 on-demand video lessons on a multitude of topics ranging from Social Dynamics to Inner Game.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the very experts who helped me master these strategies.

The shockingly SIMPLE method your sales trainer NEVER TOLD YOU about getting the sale

Did you ever wonder why some of the supposed “expert salespeople” in your company wound up in training?  I mean why would someone who is really good at making a lot of money in sales relegate themselves within the 4 walls of a classroom day after day after day?

That’s really stupid.  I can’t believe they expect us to buy that garbage.

Just like in any area of life, the people at the top of their game don’t usually volunteer to teach their methods to newbies.  Magicians never reveal their methods to their audience.  Michael Jordan never held a rookie skills camp.  For a long time, I didn’t either.

So how do you crack the code?

Well YOU don’t have to. I’ll show you how.  Years back, I managed to meet and earn the trust of a group of people who could close the deal on anyone they encountered.  They referred to themselves as “The Community”.  They actually had so much business coming in, they would only go after the most lucrative business.  The kind of business that no one else had a chance of getting.  The rest they left behind.  As time went by, they took me under their wing and taught me everything they knew.  But there was one catch.  They insisted on remaining anonymous.

How to stop your customers from saying, “No” and eliminate rejection FOREVER

Now I want you to learn what I learned.  And make a lot of money doing so. That’s why I started The Negotiator’s Playbook.  I want you to have the same level of success that I’ve had since learning this.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you join The Negotiator’s Playbook:

An ever growing library of on-demand video lessons covering a multitude of topics ranging from Social Dynamics to Inner Game

In-person interviews with some of the same experts that I learned from. (WARNING: These people fiercely guard their anonymity so you can’t get these anywhere else.)

Optional live webcasts covering high demand topics

Optional live webcasts where you get to interact with and ask questions to our experts. (THESE ALONE ARE WORTH THE FULL PRICE OF THE MEMBERSHIP!)

When you join, you will have 24/7 access to in-depth lessons that will forever transform how you approach not only your prospects, but also everyone else in your life.  People will have no choice but to see you completely differently.  You’ll finally be the one calling the shots.
  But let me make one thing crystal clear.  This isn’t a bunch of theory.  These are high impact, real world lessons that will get you incredible results.  They will change how you operate forever.  In addition, you will have access to the in-person interviews that I conduct with some of the masters in this field.  They will teach you some of the same things that they taught me (and you won’t have to invest the huge amount of time I did).  You’re getting the short cut.
  But that’s not all, I am also going to take it up a notch.  We will also be having LIVE webcasts where you will have the opportunity to personally interact with and ask questions of these masters.  These people love being anonymous so there’s really no other way to have access to these people.


This is the secret sauce you’ve been searching for all your career.

Aren’t you sick and tired of other people getting your sales?  Getting all the attention?  All the recognition?
  Those days are over.  Your access to all this is just a click away.

When you join, you’ll have access to all of this exclusive content.  I’ll show you how to get your prospects to be so excited about what you’re offering that they will start doing things that are INCONVENIENT just to be able to have your product.
  When was the last time THIS happened to you?
  I’m going to show you the key areas of focus you need to master to turn even the most disengaged prospect into a referral machine.  You’ll even learn how to use voicemail to make the sale.

While I’ve seen people pay over $5,000 for what’s taught in this revolutionary training, I know that most people just can’t afford that.  (I was one of those people.)  So I want to make the decision to invest in yourself SUPER EASY.

For only $77, you’ll get the exact same material that will forever change you.  And the kicker?  You can cancel anytime.  ANYTIME.  Personally, I know once you’ve joined, there’s no way you’ll want to, but hey, we all have things happen in our lives.  If you want to cancel, keep your money.  I don’t want it.  I’d rather just make that part as easy as joining.

So what are you waiting for???


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      • Optional UNLIMITED access to our LIVE webcasts
      • Optional UNLIMITED access to live webcasts where you get to interact with and ask questions to the experts. (THESE ALONE ARE WORTH THE FULL PRICE OF THE MEMBERSHIP!)


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