People judge you more by what you do and how you do it than what you actually say. There is a myth out there that you have to convince people to do something or buy something. That is never true. People are almost always ridiculously stubborn. Every sales coach I’ve ever met has treated it as a problem and an “an objection” that “needs to be overcome”.

My question is…why fight something that can MASSIVELY work in your favor? When I was in sales, I would often see people who seemed on the fence about buying. All my trainers told me to try to overcome the objections. That pretty much never worked. I was fighting a battle on the conscious level when the real battle was being waged on the unconscious level.

So what do you do in those situations?

Tell them what to do.  Don’t ask.

It builds tremendous credibility and authority. When you take the lead and tell them to sign the agreement (not giving them an alternative), it conveys supreme confidence and puts you in the position of the alpha leader.

This video is a great example of this. LeBron, a guy who often gets tagged for being passive, demonstrated this…to amazing results.

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