When I first was getting involved in The Community, I remember meeting guys who saw the results we were getting (OK, it was mostly the gurus I was learning from) and wanted to get the shortcut.They thought that the secret to getting these insane results was saying the right thing.

In other words:  Canned lines.

I don’t blame them.  I thought the same thing too.  I quickly realized, though, that all it does is make you really anxious and feel the pressure to deliver these canned lines.

And the results are either really bad or wildly inconsistent.  And that only makes the anxiety or pressure way worse.

It’s no different in sales.  Except in sales, we call these canned lines “sales scripts”.

I remember starting this one sales job and I wanted to take a shortcut to getting quick results so I borrowed the call scripts from the company’s #1 performer, figuring that this would give me a huge advantage.

What did it get me?  Jack diddly squat.  My results totally and completely sucked.

Why is this?  Because I was searching for a solution that was an externality.  And because it wasn’t authentic to me, people saw right through that.

So why do sales trainers use sales scripts?

The answer will shock you.

But the good news is the solution is simple — but very counterintuitive.

Watch the video above to learn this crucial breakthrough.


To easy sales,


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