Have you ever found yourself having “one of those days”? One of those “Why the %^&$)# is this happening to me” days?

Or weeks? Or even months?

We all have. Just get on a freeway at rush hour and you’ll see how many people just had yet another crappy day at work. I guess that’s why they invented “Happy Hour”.

No matter which industry segment you are in, it’s comes with the territory. When you work in sales, your results are in a constant flux of ups and downs. To use a basketball analogy, there are times when the basket is 10 feet wide and everything goes in. Everything seems to go your way. Those are the days you should stop by the convenience store and buy a few lottery tickets.

Then there are those times when it seems like the basket is smaller than the ones that the leather faced carnies at the fairgrounds operate. The ball seems just too big to even fit through. No matter how hard you try to push through it, it just doesn’t seem to make a difference.

The problem is for most of us, the lean times far outnumber the plentiful ones. It seems like for every good month, there are at least 3-4 lean ones where you struggle to bring in much business. Then, when you finally do get a prospect who seems interested in what you’re offering, you end up trying to squeeze as much juice as you can out of the lemon to try to make up for lost time.

You end up getting desperate. Really desperate.

The problem is that your prospect always seems to know this. Like a dog able to smell fear, your prospect has a 6th sense about spotting the desperation you’re feeling. To your prospect, you’re not much better than the Salvation Army guy or the “Petition Guy” haranging people coming out of the grocery store. And this makes getting out of your funk even more difficult. Now you’re trying to kick your way out of the quicksand, but every thrust just sinks you further down.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

So what do you do? It’s that same old vicious cycle. You wouldn’t be feeling desperate if you had enough business coming in. But you also don’t have enough business coming in because you’re desperate.

So how do you get out of it?

It starts and ends with what I call, “The Locus Focus”. What do I mean by this? A locus is defined as “the place where something is situated or occurs”.  In other words, your locus is the set of your subconscious core beliefs.  Everything you do is a direct reflection and emanation of this.  It also means that every single conscious and subconscious belief you have manifests itself into the physical actions, behaviors, and subtle mannerisms you project out to the world. If you are worried, scared, stressed, or insecure, then there will be a correponding physical manifestation that your prospects will pick up on. It is inescapable. Any negative beliefs that you believe no one knows about WILL be manifest to those around you. (they will run for the hills!)

The good news? If you have trained yourself to winnow out all of these traitorous beliefs, leaving only those that are truly positive and strong, this will be physically manifest as well. And your prospects won’t be able to help but notice it. (they’ll call you back…quickly.)

You must master these beliefs. But how do you do that?

I have developed 7 proven strategies for creating the inner paradigm that will transform not only your business results, but will also improve every other area of your life. It’s called, “7 Proven Strategies to Master Your Locus Focus”. It’s yours free.

Click here to download this free report.

To your abundance,

Matt Hallisy


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    • Brahma Sharma  April 6, 2014 at 4:44 pm

      Your link to down is not working to get:
      SUPER BOWL MINDSET MASTERY EDITION: 7 revolutionary strategies guaranteed to help you master your subconscious

      Please help

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