Yeah, you heard me right.

I want my prospects to say “No”.  But not for the reason you might think.

You probably have heard sales trainers tell you that every “No” brings you closer to a “Yes”. That is just asinine. Who would ever believe that garbage? You have to be an absolute sucker to buy into that. OK, cards on the table…I used to believe that back in the day.

Then I snapped out of this bogus lie that I was told. Every “No” doesn’t get you closer to a “Yes”. It is just the world telling you that what you are doing is NOT WORKING. No baseball player who keeps striking out thinks he’s on the road to success. He gets benched. Or worse…cut. Yet there are a multitude of sales trainers out there who are shoveling this pile of horse manure on hapless, optimistic salespeople everyday.

But what if you COULD make every “No” work to your advantage?

You can. It’s easy…and just a click away.

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To your prosperity,

Matt Hallisy





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