Did you ever have a customer you just had to have?

Maybe you’ve been on a cold streak where no one buys from you.

Or worse.  Maybe you’re even having a tough time even getting to talk to someone.

That one seemingly interested prospect becomes an obsession.

And an obsession that will never buy in the end.

It sucks.

I’ve been there before.

For the average single guy out there, this is a routine part of life.  The only silver lining is that online dating softens the blow because you don’t have to experience the rejection in person as much.

Not so for a professional salesperson.  You can’t numb yourself behind a computer monitor — and pay for the roof over your head.

So how do you overcome this?

Once you understand the concept of “One-itis” and how to cure it, you can finally have the breakthrough you’ve been desperate for.
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