Sometimes you don’t want to sell… in fact, there are some potential customers that you want to repel.  But they end up being the ones that always buy from you – and take up all your time and suck out all your energy.

Why is that?  Why is it that these customers you don’t want keep buying from you – while the clients you really want always keep brushing you off.

There’s a simple explanation.  But you’ve never been taught it.  Mainly because all your trainers and managers have no clue about it.

And the solution is just as simple.  How did I learn it?  I certainly never learned it from these people either.  I learned it from a completely different direction – from my friends in the Pickup Community. And then I found out that it worked with my customers too.

Life gets a lot better when you’re attracting your perfect customers. It takes almost no effort to make them happy, you get insane results, and they’re happy to pay you.

That’s why this concept is so powerful.

Go watch my video, it’s really cool:


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