Ever had a day when you’ve just had it?

You know — the kind of day when you realize that nothing is working no matter what you try.  It’s almost kind someone’s messing with you…like a marionette.

Yeah, me too.  Way too many times.

I bet you’ve had days and weeks (and months even) when no one wants to buy from you.  Or worse (and more probably) no one is even answering your calls.

Me too.

That is usually the time when your manager decides to “spend time with you”.  And they are also the times when I spent more times after work at happy hour bitching about my “bad luck”.

It gets old…really quick.

Don’t get me wrong.  I also had days and weeks (and months) when I had good results.

But there is a huge problem with this.

It’s a massive recipe for PTSD.

You walk into work on any given day and you don’t know if you’re going to be the fly or the windshield.  So you end up working harder to reduce the chances of this happening.

No wonder a lot of people hate sales.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Well, it was like that for me for a long time.  Until I had a HUGE life changing breakthrough.

After getting off the phone with another typical fiercely resistant and skeptical prospect, I had this crazy thought.

But before I go any further, I want to give you some background.  About 6-8 months or so prior, I met this underground group of Pickup Artists who routinely were able to get the hottest women wherever they went to engage and pursue them.  And I started learning how they did something that I thought was nothing more than a pipe dream.  They had cracked the code on getting these women to be massively attracted to them.

I had this realization

All the prospects that I were talking to were behaving EXACTLY like the single women we would see outside of work.  Point for point.  Detail for detail.

They both were always being besieged by people trying to get them to buy what they had to offer.  But on the other hand, they were also on the lookout for something of high value that they could show off.

So I was sitting there in my cubicle in July 2006 wondering, “I wonder what would happen if I completely dumped everything I learned from sales training and just used Pickup  techniques on these prospects.”

I quickly found out

My phone wouldn’t stop ringing.  My prospects kept interrupting what I thought were funny stories to plead with me to let them buy from me.  And the crazy thing is that I wasn’t even trying to get a sale.

I now knew what it felt like to be that hot single girl at the bar.

Did I mention I was a TELEMARKETER?

So what was the secret?

There were a few things at work here, but the #1 thing that helped me is that I was able to take a cold lead and turn it into a highly engaged wannabe customer ready to buy, credit card in hand.

The good news

You don’t have to find a group of Pickup Artists to learn this.  Even better news if you’re spoken for.  (I’m not a home wrecker…)

But I can teach it to you.

It’s a simple concept I call “Attraction Switches”.

You see, everything that we are brand loyal to and buy immediately upon release is not an accident.  In fact, it’s not even a choice.  It’s the exact same reason girls feel an unexplainable attraction to a guy.

It’s how Taylor Swift’s new album went to #1 before it even was released.  It’s the reason why the new iPhone 6 was on back order for 2 months and there were people sleeping on the street to get it.

It’s a strategy that relies on flipping subconscious mental triggers that cause people to obsessively want to whip out their credit card.  It’s the reason girls would give us their number instead of the other way around.

And it’s the reason why you can enjoy the same success — no matter whether you’re selling high end products to C Level Executives or working in an inbound call center.

In fact, I had my leads calling me back pretty much begging me to buy a $15,000-$40,000 product.  (I had a 50% voicemail callback rate)  Everyone else around me was pounding the phones, calling the same people up to 8 times per day.  And wondering why I was doing so little yet coming out on top.

You can have these same results

Look, I never was the best salesperson.  In fact, you probably would easily outperform me back in the day.  But the discovery I made changed everything.  I didn’t have to be good in “sales” to get the results I got.  I just had to follow the formula.

Once you learn how to tap into these “Attraction Switches”, your life and results will never be the same.

Watch a replay of a recent Google Hangout i conducted for a select group of students to learn more.

But don’t wait any longer.  If you want to achieve the goals you just set for 2015, it’s go time.  It’s not a New Year’s Resolution.  Those don’t work and deep down you know that.

It’s time to design your life…and your year.

This Google Hangout replay will show you how “Attraction Switches” will help you tap into these insanely powerful mental triggers to get your customers to:

  • Drop all their objections
  • Passionately refer you business
  • See you as the high end industry leader
  • Make your prospects insist on being a customer

So check out this Google Hangout replay now.

DISCLAIMER:  Looking in from the outside will not make an impact in your results anymore than watching your favorite football team will help them score a touchdown.

You have to join the team to make an impact.  You have to get off the sidelines.

There is a saying in the military.  “There is no best time to attack.  Just go now.”

So start your 2015, not with a powerless resolution, but with a well thought out strategy to change your results forever.

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To easy sales,

Matt Hallisy







P.S.  There is literally no one else out there teaching this.  This will be a MASSIVE advantage that will enable you to start mopping it up.

P.P.S.  Make sure to enter “BONUS” in at checkout to get your 30% limited time discount.  (Disclaimer:  The reason I’m offering the discount isn’t some trumped up scarcity play.  I just want to reward those who take action.  So if that’s you, get started and think of it as a Thank You for getting in the game.)

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