Are you “In Sales” or an Order Taker?

I don’t normally get into going out of my way to watch a particular show in TV. But this week was different.

It was “Shark Week”.  An entire week of TV shows dedicated to sharks. Megalodon.  Alien Sharks.  Mega Sharks.

Awesome!  I absolutely can’t get enough of it.

But I saw something right before Shark Week that 99.999% of the people watching didn’t notice.  But I did.  So they showed this video of the craziest fish that I ever saw.  And that’s saying a lot — because I saw a school of flying fish about 20 miles off the coast of South Carolina.  Fish flying next to our boat.  But what I saw these fish do on TV was insane. 

But I am not emailing you to talk about fishing. In fact,  I will never ever send you an email about fishing. Ever.

But it’s not so much about what the fish did, but I wanted to email you to tell you about a huge takeaway I had from this that directly relates to your life and mine.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you something that clearly illustrates the difference between “being in sales” and being an order taker — the dream of every salesperson out there.

So click on the link below and see the crazy video that I saw.  But more importantly, check it out to see a real world example of how easy it is to transform yourself from a workaholic salesperson to someone who is, in essence, an order taker.

To your freedom,



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