How many times have you had someone you were sure would buy from you? Then the phone went silent. So what do most people do? They keep calling back, like a spurned lover, only to hear the customer say they are interested but having some vague reason why they can’t do it now.

Honestly, that’s pretty pathetic. In some states, they have a stalking law for that. Worse yet, they are taught that in training.

So how can you quickly tell whether or not your customer will buy from you?

Smoke out the gopher.

What do I mean by this?  No, it’s not a Colorado or Washington thing.  It has nothing to do with Cheech & Chong.

Your customers have a natural inclination to hold their cards close to their chest before agreeing to work with someone.  They may be totally interested in working with you, but for one reason or another, are afraid of making the first move.

You can find out really easily…and quickly.

Make them do something inconvenient. Have them meet at a time that is outside of their comfort zone. Make them do homework for you that’s due within an inconvenient timeframe. It really doesn’t matter what it is, but what’s important is to see your customer go out of their way to set aside something important in their life to do something for you. I’ve had people walk miles in the snow and drag their family to a sub shop just to fax me something that was due by a certain time. Why would they do this? Because they were scared of losing me as a high value partner.

SPOILER ALERT: When you do this, you won’t get everyone to sign up. That’s not the point. Really you don’t want to anyway. What you want to do is to force them to show their cards.  Anyone with a strong poker hand wants to call their opponent’s bluff.  If you are using the methods taught in Attraction Sales, by the time you do this, the vast majority of the people you have do this will go out of their way to do your bidding. Those that don’t are done. We call them dead fish or dog tags. So bag ’em and tag ’em. Zip ’em and ship ’em. They’re done. Don’t call them back. EVER. They missed out on working with a High Value person. Like Pete Best, the drummer who quit the Beatles before they made it big, it’s their loss.

But when you see someone follow your lead and do this, you have a concrete confirmation that you’re going to have a loyal, engaged customer. Those are the ones that will get you paid handsomely…for much less work.

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