Learn to Take Back Your Freedom and Become a Truly Free Man.

What’s up guys,

We’re coming up on one of the best days of the year here in the US.  July 4th.

Independence Day.  BBQ.  Fireworks.  The day we celebrate our Founding Fathers officially throwing off the bonds of the British Empire and defining their own path.

But a few years ago, I had this really uncomfortable moment looking in the mirror where I realized that I wasn’t living a life with personal freedom.

Although I was living where I wanted to live and did a lot of things I wanted to do, I couldn’t do what I wanted when I wanted because I had to be at work.  In fact, I had to get permission to do what I wanted.

This really pissed me off.  I mean, I set off to design my life back in 1996 and yet I was giving an organization first dibs on my time.

While my friends and family were off having fun, I was stuck at the office.

So I did something I never did before.  I went out searching for mentors.  People who were further down the path that I wanted to go down.

I took a chance and spent a lot of time, money, and sucking up my ego finding out how to take back my personal freedom.

The answer, as it turns out, was really simple.

In today’s lesson, I am going to show you what they taught me.  The lesson that had a big impact in allowing me to do the things I really wanted to do — when I wanted to do it.

And I didn’t have to go quit my job and pull a Kurt Vonnegut.

So now’s the time to start thinking what true personal freedom means to you.  Just in time for Independence Day.



To your freedom,


Matt Hallisy


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