I have to warn you.  I’m going to get brutally honest for a moment.  But it’s because I care enough to tell you the truth — and I want to see you succeed.

Most people will just shine sunshine up your butt so they will keep reading their emails and maybe buy something from them.

I’m not one of these people.  i’m going to tell you the truth — and you’re going to be one of the few people who actually sees the dramatic improvement they’re looking for.

OK, here we go.

Why do you cold call?

Is it because it works?  Please.

Maybe it’s a better use of your time?  OK, that’s even more stupid.

No, you end up resorting to cold call your prospects because you’re screwing up the process.  By definition, cold calling has the lowest probability to result in a sale.

But some people give it credence because they feel busy.  I mean, if you’re making 100 calls, you must be really productive, right?

That is a bunch of garbage.

Never confuse effort with results.  Ever.  When you do, you will get poorer.

So what gets you to a point where you feel you have to do this?  It’s making a simple mistake at the very beginning of the encounter with your prospect that deep sixes your chance of ever converting them.

What is this mistake?  Well, it’s really, really simple.

You go into pursuit mode and you end up in the “friend zone”.  It’s like Jurassic Park.  They lowered a goat into the T-Rex area, but he wasn’t interested.  It didn’t want a meal.  It wanted prey.  It wanted something to chase and catch.

In the Pickup world, I saw the same thing.  Night after night.

The guy would chase the girl.  The girl would see him as yet another low value guy and instantly lose interest. He ended up in the “friend zone”.

So what can you do to avoid this?

I’m actually watching The Departed now and there is a perfect example of what we in the Community used to do to turn the tables in our favor.

Matt Damon’s character Colin Sullivan shows how to do this.

Madolyn: “You know what Freud said about the Irish?”

Colin Sullivan: “Yeah I do.”

Madolyn: If you actually do, I’ll see you again.”

Colin Sullivan: “Who says I want to see you again?”

Madolyn: (After a really long pause) “Don’t you?”

The really cool thing is that you can do the exact same thing with your prospects and generate so much interest and desire to buy your product that you will never have to cold call again.

Let me repeat that.

You will never have to cold call again.

Check out the newest video lesson I have for you and discover this closely guarded secret we have in the Community.


To easy sales,


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