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So why is what I teach different from all the BORING sales training out there?  Well actually, it’s pretty simple.  I teach you how to seduce your customers into wanting to buy from you.  You read that right.

Quite simply, I will reveal to you the secret of making making TONS of money in sales, but without all the worthless and manipulative tactics that you’ve been taught in the past.

So how did I learn it?

Not from sales trainers.  The only thing I learned from them was how to suck as sales.

My first job was selling windows and other exterior home improvement products in the middle of rural Ohio.  That is where I first really got to understand what rejection was.  That is the sales equivalent of a back alley beating.  But I can tell you this.  From this experience, I wanted no part of being a salesperson.  A couple years later, I actually got a job as a teller at a bank.  I thought from the beginning that I was going to get “banker’s hours”.  I had these great dreams of cutting out of work at 2pm everyday.  I quickly found out that was a HUGE myth.  But it was that my unlikely love of sales was born.  I actually developed a system within my office that led me to become the #1 salesperson in the whole organization within 2 months.  It was a huge high that I still have never recovered from.

But there was something that was missing.  I never understood why everyone around me was doing things that just never worked.  Overcoming objections, always be closing, developing rapport.  It was all a crock.  Not only did it never create high producers, but I always thought it was dishonest and manipulative.  These people were being taught that they could use other people as a tool get over on other people…just to make money.  I never liked that.




Fast forward a few years.  I found myself single again and got introduced to a group of people that forever changed my life.  Unknown to me, there was a underground subculture here in San Diego called “The Community” that had mastered the art of picking up girls.  Well, more like, getting them to pick us up…on our terms.  All while being 100% candid.  Here I would watch these guys turn down all the girls that most guys would kill to talk to.  And the kicker?  The girl they ended up with was the hottest one there.  While virtually every other guy surrendered their respect and integrity, relying on lying and scheming (and going broke buying drinks) to manipulate the girl into being with him, they didn’t have to.

They cracked the code.

I made it my new mission in life to learn how these guys were able to do this.  One problem.  They wanted their methods to remain confidential.  It actually took me years to earn the trust of, learn from, and master the methods used by these guys.  It took me 6 months to even learn some of their real names.  (Yes, they all had call signs – Think “Top Gun”)   The first thing they taught me?


What people are attracted to is not a choice.


People can’t help it.  In other words, people subconsciously make all their decisions on what they like and want.  It’s never conscious or calculated.  In fact, they’re not even aware of what makes them want someone or something.  If I could tap into understanding this, I could have anything I want…on my terms.

So I found myself at work one day at a new sales (telemarketing) job wondering if all this pickup stuff I was using at night would work in my job.

The answer?




As soon as I started implementing this, I had more business than I could handle.  I actually had to turn down customers pleading with me to buy.  Others I handed off to this girl in the cubicle next to me.  I even had to ask my manager to stop giving me new leads.  You read that right.  A telemarketer turning down new leads.  Sound crazy?  I thought so too.  But I didn’t have time to call them.  I already had easy lay down sales coming in all the time.  I didn’t have to hustle and exhaust myself in order to hit my numbers.  The business was coming in on its own.  It was truly a passive income stream for me.  As a telemarketer.


But why does it work?


For one shocking reason.  Customers are conditioned to respond to salespeople in the EXACT SAME WAY as single women do to men.

What do I mean?  Women see these men a mile away, they look at them with suspicion, they see themselves in a position of power, they say “No” instinctively, and they’re sick of men pretending to be nice when they really only have one thing on their mind.  Sound familiar?  Your customer has the exact same experience.

But there’s good news.  These same women want to be swept off their feet.  They want a high value man.  So do your customers.  They are itching to buy…but they want to buy higher value.

This simple lesson was a massive breakthrough for me.

So all this time, while it was awesome being able to keep these methods to myself, I kept looking around and saw a lot of good people being shortchanged.  Not only were they not getting the results they wanted, they were using selfish, manipulative schemes and putting their own interests ahead of their customers’…just to put a buck in their pocket.  And all while working themselves to the bone to do it.

So in 2013, I decided to provide that better way myself.  Born was The Negotiator’s Playbook.  Simply put, I started this because I want to make your life easier.  My life forever changed when I was introduced to “The Community”.  I want to do the same for you.  I want you to take back your power and dignity.  Quite frankly, I want to help you get the freedom and prosperity you deserve.

When you join, I will crack open the black box and introduce you to all the methods that I learned in an underground Pickup Artist society here in San Diego to get incredibly attractive girls to approach us — and share this secret with you on how to apply it to your business.

The result?  You will have what almost no one in sales has.  A Sales Passive Income Stream.


WARNING: Your coworkers and peers are going to hate that you are going to get these MASSIVE results without slaving away like they are.  But I don’t really think you care.


So what are you waiting for?  Join “The Community” today.  CLICK HERE to get started.

When you join “The Community”, you’ll not only have access to the shocking full length lessons I provide, but you’ll get introduced to some of the people in “The Community” who taught me everything I know and who learned alongside me.  If you’re lucky, you might even get to interact with them.

There is literally nowhere else that you’ll be able to learn this.  Nowhere.
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